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Company foundation

The first office of Infomaximum was based at Ogarev Mordovia State University. The team was making robots, developing mobile apps and participating in the youth innovation forums.


Race against Microsoft

Infomaximum team presented the transparent data encryption program for file access control. The product was in demand, but Microsoft released a new version of Windows with build-in access control function.


Testing the capabilities

The company developed a new product – project management system MaxaptQuickEye that enabled to monitor working hours and software consumption. The solution entered the market and was highly evaluated by experts.


Coffeeplan presentation

Another commercially successful solution, Coffeeplan, was created at the beginning of 2011.That was the scheduling system with wide functionality enabling project management.


Seeking new ideas

Infomaximum was actively seeking a new market niche. The experience of previously implemented projects allowed the company to move to a higher professional level. The testing of ambitious project idea started.


The beginning of Crocotime story

The year was dedicated to developing the IT solution, which long remained the flagship product, - working time recording and analysis system Crocotime.


The first Crocotime sales

The system started being implemented in large companies in different industries: finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction. First updates came out, large-scale deals were closed.


Scaling of business

Geographical spread of Crocotime was growing. The system was implemented by an increasing number of companies. We have more than 700 organizations now, such as ALFA BANK, ILYUSHIN, M.Video, Kelly Services, TRANSKAPITALBANK, PIK GROUP, StroyTransNefteGaz, Tez Tour, etc.


Feedback and new projects

CrocoTime was included in the Unified Register of Russian software. Feedbacks from clients launched updates and new projects: employee clock in and clock out monitoring system with two-step identification, as well as field employees management system.


Process Mining field

We began to work on automatic labor costs for specific operations monitoring system. The idea of business process analysis became relevant. That was the beginning of process mining software, Proceset. The team started developing a solution.


First pilots

Proceset is the first Russian process mining system that was included in the Unified Register of Russian software. The team finished a number of pilots on process digitalization in large organizations – banks , shared services centers, project companies. Infomaximum obtained positive results and signed the first cooperation agreements.


Remote work and focus on processes

We successfully switched our internal processes to remote working and also helped our customers easily undergo this transition. We upgraded Proceset by finalizing the BI module. Moreover, we developed our own task mining technology and applied it to the bank customer service analysis. Also, our third product - im.timesheet - was included into the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.