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Infomaximum announced the beginning of cooperation with large companies

We are pleased to announce that the number of major clients is growing. We are expanding geographically and implementing projects in organizations such as:

  • «NLMK-Engineering», the largest design institute in the Russian metallurgy;
  • «Nornickel – Shared services center»;

All of the implemented projects relate to improving the efficiency of companies with IT solutions developed by Infomaximum.

In 2018 our team announced the start of development of the first Russian process mining software, Proceset. By the end of that year, the system was already being tested by a number of Russian companies. In January 2019, the pilot in the large telecommunication company was finished, and in July Proceset was included in the Unified Register of Russian software.According to experts, this fact is of great importance, since within the framework of the national project «Digital Economy», the number of companies that prioritize the adoption of smart domestic systems is growing.  

Infomaximum’s products are focused on assessing the current situation of companies with various forms of ownership and within multiple industries. Based on reliable data, digitalization of business processes allows us to see how they actually run. Before the implementation of Proceset, it is important to determine the process that will be explored in detail with process mining technology. Much depends on  business tasks that a client sets. As a rule, the project implementation steps are identical in each case, only details may differ (the number of information systems used, data maturity). Steps of the implementation are as follows:

  1. Step №1 – determination of information systems in which the process is performed. By information systems, we mean: 1C, CRM, specialized software.
  2. Step №2– data collection from IT systems. Each employee’s activity creates a digital footprint that is recorded in event logs.
  3. Step №3– data transformation and processing (using ETL tools as well).
  4. Step №4– uploading data to Proceset. The system automatically creates a digital copy of the actual process.

An additional feature of the system is advanced monitoring, which enables us to see the detailed daily structure of each employee. As usual, employees can perform hundreds or even thousands of routine operations in end-to-end processes. The advanced monitoring module accurately records all actions, switches between active windows, evaluates real labor costs, and detects errors that no one is immune from. For example:

  • Violations of the existing regulations. In practice, there are often cases where regulations are not complied with, and operations that should take 20 minutes are performed within 3-5 hours. The reasons, as a rule, lie in the excessive workload of employees and frequent distractions.
  • Working for third-party customers using the company’s resources.

In addition to detecting errors, advanced monitoring allows to set accurate project deadlines, and determine the direct and indirect labor costs, which also enables to estimate the total financial costs in the  long term.

Proceset can analyze large amounts of data, and visualization tools help to monitor in real time as well as reveal deviations in process models depending on the decisions being made. A number of projects implemented by Infomaximum’s team have shown the effectiveness of IT solutions that help to re-engineer processes and optimize them, identifying optimal process variants and the best processes for RPA.

Global statistics show that in 2019, companies invested  more than $ 1 trillion  in digital transformation. According to forecasts, worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $2.3 trillion by 2023. And this is a global trend. Businesses are becoming more and more interested in smart systems, especially in the light of crisis, which experts predict against the background of the pandemic.